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With our results driven approach we are able to find and deliver the following consulting services to our clients:

Risk analysis and funding: Raiola & Associates will provide a complete and thorough financial analysis of the annual health and dental renewal from all available competing proposals. Rating methodologies, claims history, demographics, and alternative funding arrangements will be assessed to better educate your company’s decision-makers on which options will deliver the most affordable and favorable outcomes.

Renewal negotiation: Once all competitive proposals have been presented, our team will then initiate and follow through on all carrier negotiations by developing an appropriate joint strategic action plan. By challenging the carriers on the justification of their methodologies, our objective will be to obtain the most cost-effective outcomes while maintaining optimal benefit design.

Consumer-driven health plan: In an effort to devise more cost-efficient strategies, we have implemented the tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), and Flexible Saving Accounts (FSA), to a wide range of employer groups since their entrance in the marketplace. As the effectiveness of these plans become more evident, our firm will continue to advocate this approach as a means of controlling health and dental insurance costs while empowering your employees with the necessary purchasing tools to make better medical care decisions.

Marketplace and legislative developments: We will continue to regularly update and advise our clients on all local, regional, and national marketplace developments including benefit and plan design initiatives, funding alternatives, and the new health insurance exchanges. As advisory board members to Blue Cross, United Healthcare, and Delta Dental, we are also meeting with health insurers, providers, and state regulators to deliver timely and accurate information to our clients on all regulatory updates concerning PPACA.

Please contact Raiola & Associates for more information and a formal proposal.

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